multitask agent for closed heating systems
“Kotlovit” is designed for protectionof closed heating systems from distructive effect of scale, corrosion, microorganisms.

Reliable for all types of steel and sealing materials used in boilers and heating systems.
Multitask agent for closed heating systems Kotlovit (S)
Kotlovit is a two-component agent which combines well-reputed in industry SVOD-BО and SVOD-ТVТ. Originally the agents were created for treatment of water and heat utility lines at large-scale chemical and metallurgy enterprises.
The two-component product is intended for:
• Protection of heating systems from scale, corrosion, as well as fungi, bacteria and other microorganisms
• Flushing and further protection - for previously operating systems. In this case, water does not need to be drained; deposits are taken out to the boiler mud filter.
Safe for all types of steel and sealing materials used in boilers and heating systems.

price: 349 UAH
Prevents from:
  • reproduction of patogenic microorganisms in the heat network;
  • microbiological corrosion;
Besides, the heat-carrying medium processed with the agent SVOD-БО acquires specific "medical" odour which allows to reveal the spots of leakage of the heat-carrying medium during operation as well as protects from unauthorized water draw-off.

Ingredients: iodine-containing inhibitor of biofouling, dispersant.

Prevents from formation of deposits of all types and destroys old ones whereas stability of treated water is not lower than 90%. The speed of deposits distruction fluctuates from 0,5 till 3,0 mm per month, the speed of material corrosion falls to standard.

  • reduces corrosion of heat-exchange equipment and pipelines;
  • ·prevents from fall-out of deposits of all types on the surfaces of heat-exchange;
  • · destroys available deposits;
  • · does not require water softening;
  • · prevents from sludging-up of water travel;
  • · efficient in small quantities;
  • · applicable under conditions of high heat release;
  • · improves heat-exchange conditions;
  • · fully biodegradable — does not harm the environment.

Ingredients: phosphonat antiscalant, corrosion inhibitor, pH control agent.
Instructions for use:
The estimated amount of pellets SVOD-БО and SVOD-ТВТ should be placed into the mud filter of the boiler.
If the heating system is filled by the heat-carrying medium for the first time, then the consumption shall amount: per 1 pellet of each agent per every 50 litres of the heating system.
For treatment of the system which was operated previously - per 2 pellets SVOD-БО и SVOD-ТВТ per every 50 litres of the heating system.
During preservation and depreservation (spring/autumn) of the system, the treatment must be repeated: in the amount per 1 pellet of each agent per 50 litres of heat-carrying medium.
* Tips for use: in first turn to apply the agent SVOD-БО and allow it to perform for 24 hours. Then to apply SVOD-ТВТ.

Principal layout of complete protection of a double-circuit boiler
For protection of the previously working heating system with the agent "KOTLOVIT" availability of the mud filter in front of the boiler is obligatory (the given agent completely destroys deposits formed earlier on the entire surface of the system).
Meanwhile the filter cleanup must be conducted every 3 days after loading of the agent "KOTLOVIT' was applied.
Research and Design Institute (R&D Institute) ““Water-purifying technologies”, Ukraine.
The company is made a specialty out of development and production agents in the area of water conditioning and purification. A friendly personnel is worked on tasks at hand. The staff consists of one hundred and fifty professionals of different specialities. There are modern laboratories, a development laboratory, research centre, innovation department and service in the technological infrastructure of the institute. According to demands DSTU (State Standards of Ukraine) ISO 9001-2001 it has been introduced quality management system at the company. Over the years the Institute has approved himself as reliable producer of qualitative modern products which are in charge of ecological standard. The activity of “Water-purifying technologies” is marked by many rewards of which is prize of rating “100 the best companies of Ukraine” in nomination of “Industrial ecology, conservation of energy and resource conservation”. Specialists of Institute have used experience which they have got in the performance of tasks of commercial scale when they have been creating household seria “SVOD”. That is why our filters are differed improved reliability and improved ability.
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