Kotlovit (М)
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Kotlovit (М)
Kotlovit (М)
Kotlovit is a two-component agent which combines well-reputed in industry SVOD-БО and SVOD-ТВТ. Originally the agents were created for treatment of water and heat utility lines at large-scale chemical and metallurgy enterprises.
The two-component product is intended for:
• Protection of heating systems from scale, corrosion, as well as fungi, bacteria and other microorganisms
• Flushing and further protection - for previously operating systems. In this case, water does not need to be drained; deposits are taken out to the boiler mud filter.
Safe for all types of steel and sealing materials used in boilers and heating systems.

  • reduces corrosion of heat-exchange equipment and pipelines;
  • ·prevents from fall-out of deposits of all types on the surfaces of heat-exchange;
  • · destroys available deposits;
  • · does not require water softening;
  • · prevents from sludging-up of water travel;
  • · efficient in small quantities;
  • · applicable under conditions of high heat release;
  • · improves heat-exchange conditions;
  • · fully biodegradable — does not harm the environment.

· prevents reproduction of patogenic microorganisms in the heat network;
· protects from microbiological corrosion.

For treatment of a new heating system - to apply 1 pellet SVOD-БО and SVOD-ТВТ per every 50 litres of water.
For treatment of previously operated (but not treated) heating system - per 2 pellets.
Instructions for use:
The estimated amount of pellets SVOD-БО and SVOD-ТВТ should be placed into the mud filter of the boiler.
During preservation and depreservation (spring/autumn) of the system, the treatment must be repeated: in the amount per 1 pellet of each agent per 50 litres of heat-carrying medium.
* Tips for use: in first turn to apply the agent SVOD-БО, some time later to add SVOD-ТВТ.

SVOD-ТВТ - 230 pellets
SVOD-БО - 230 pellets

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Kotlovit (М)
Kotlovit (М)